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SQL Syntax C# Filtering

Take the following list: var persons = new Person[] {     new Person { Name = "Adrian", Age=34 },     new Person { Name = "Lilach", Age=32 },     new Person { Name = "Yuval", Age=5 },     new Person { Name = "Alon", … Continue reading

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CLAP is a magical .NET Command-Line Automatic Parser. It has plenty of features and is extremely easy to use. If you are new to CLAP – please see the short intro here. CLAP has a new version and it brings … Continue reading

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Easy Windows-Phone 7 Navigation

Page navigation in WP7 is crappy: You must pass an instance of System.Uri which must be of UriKind.Relative You cannot pass any object but only strings. If you need to pass some object, you usually pass an id and find … Continue reading

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